Morini 3 1/2 Sport

The Morini 3 1/2 Sport is the most famous of the Morini V twins. It was based on the Franco Lambertini designed Strada, with which it shares most of the engine parts and running gear. It was first released in 1974, one year after the first Strada. One of the more interesting aspects of the design is the use of the 'Heron' head. This type of cylinder head uses a flat cylinder head with the combustion chamber machined into the top of the piston. The cam shaft is mounted in the 'V' of the two cylinders and its location results in short pushrods resulting in lowered mass of the valve train. A toothed rubber drive belt is used to drive the camshaft from the crankshaft eliminating the need for lubrication of a cam chain or the expense of cam gears.

The original model had an 8 inch single leading shoe drum front brake, but from 1976 onward the front stopper was a single 260 mm disc. In all cases the rear brake was 180mm drum. (160mm drum on Strada)

One of the major flaws in the design (common to all morini V twins) is the lack of a real oil filter. There are however several modifications available to retrofit an oil filter.

A question - why do no two Morini 3 1/2s of the same age have the same type of exhaust shield ? This is one of the great mysteries of our time.

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