Moto Morini was founded in 1946 by Alfonso Morini. Their first bike was a copy of the DKW RT125 two stroke 125cc.
They turned to the manufacture of 4 strokes in 1950 in an effort to become competitive in competition.
In 1955 the 175 Rebelo was introduced and used in production racing. 1958 saw the highly successful 250 version introduced which almost gave Tarquinio Provini the 1963 World Title.

The famous Morini V twins were introduced in 1973 with the Strada, followed in 1974 by the '3 1/2' (350 cc) Sport. In 1978 a 500cc version of the Strada was released and in and 1979 a 500cc Sport. The 500 Sport was updated in 1982 to the Sei-V.

In common with many other manufacturers, Morini produced off road variants of the 'V' twins, these were the Camel and Sahara (both 500cc) and the 350cc Kanguroo (Not released in Australia!).
In 1981 the factory displayed a prototype of their 500cc Turbo at the Milan Show however it never went into production (bummer).

The Morini factory was located in Bologna, close to the Ducati plant. Sadly, in 1987 Morini ceased to exist as a separate entity and was absorbed into the Cagiva company

More Morini Information

Further information is in the Moto Morini Time line and Ian's non-complete list of Moto Morini magazine articles.

Also there is a Moto-Morini mailing list (as of 3 Nov 1998). For more info check out the Morini mailing list

My Morini picture gallery has some of my pics (most of which demonstrate its hard to manually set the brightness/contrast on a scanner when its attached to a PC with only a 16 color video driver!)

Or check out some pics submitted by subscribers to the Morini mailing list.(They know how to set their contrast!)

If you're an Australian Morini owner you should contact Ian Barnes who is compiling a register of Australian Moto Morini owners/fanciers.

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